Miss Me Not Farm has been boarding horses here in south Washoe Valley, Nevada, since 2001.

We also offer a subscription or Community Supported Agriculture farm each growing season.

In addition to our CSA vegetables and fruit, we offer for sale our fresh raw honey made here on our farm, and firewood (in bundles or in bulk).

We are Quakers, and therefore we are committed to operating our small family farm according to Quaker principles. These include most importantly the following:

  • Personal and financial integrity
  • Sustainability in an environmental sense as well as a broad definition of responsibility
  • Nonviolence and peace
  • Community
  • Simplicity

We see ourselves as experimenting daily and longterm with what Ghandi referred to as the "constructive program" - building personal, economic, and societal structures that are in full alignment with our most deeply held values.

Our various farm and ranch endeavors are interdependent in nature, forming a symbiotic relationship to each other and to the land that hosts us. We have been deeply inspired by other farmers with similar goals of improving the land rather than depleting it, like Joel Saladin of Polyface Farms in Virginia. We are currently designing a micro-hydro electric system that will eventually power most if not all of our electrical needs, and we intend to convert our farm equipment and vehicles to biodiesel fuel over the next 5-7 years. Additionally, we are experimenting with various concepts of "community" as we expand.

We encourage you to become part of our vision by becoming part of what we do here. Learn some skills, and take home some ideas to implement. Come feed your body, and your soul as well.